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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

This module took place in The Netherlands, Rotterdam Business School.

We offer people relocating an alternative to lease reusable furniture for their temporal space, saving time and money by taking a green approach.

To check out our presentation click HERE :)

During this first week in The Netherlands, we developed in a more detailed way our BM, mainly focused on the left part of the business model canvas, without looking at the previous ones we already filled, so we noticed that this time we added some parts that we didn't thought about it previously and this let us create a more fulfilled value proposition for the users of our service.

Also with some lectures given during the week, we came to different perspectives and ways to make a scalable business and about the revenues (something that we didn't have clear).

Later this week we visited in Amsterdam "Fashion For Good" where we made some exercises concerning ‘Sustainable business models’ making it for us another way to see, what are we going to do after the useful life of our furniture ends? That makes us realize we must be careful with that part of the cycle that we didn't thought about it.

To sum up, this week helped us to focus more into the key activities and key partners we need to have in order to deliver the service we want to, also by not just leaving it as an idea, but to start making concrete actions in order to achieve our goals. :)

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