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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

During this week we had the opportunity to work with the Master in Research for Design and Innovation

Check out our presentation HERE

This time we pitch our business idea to the other students in order for them to join us, we get to work with amazing people who gave us new ideas and of course the saw the project from another perspective, as the name of the workshop says we realize that every single part of the investigation we did was influenced and connected to the next one and so on...

So in order to continue with our idea, we made research about our costumers so we can developed the persona, selecting two main ones: MASTER STUDENTS & EXPATS.

Then the next thing was looking for the trends that would fit into our business, like PEER TO PEER, RENTING CULTURE, DIY & EXPERIENCE ECONOMY. This trends are the ones followed by our costumers and how they affect heir lifestyle is one of the main reasons why we should think on going through that path.

At the end we present 3 main proposals that had to do with the main TRENDS we presented.

Puzzle Furniture: This propose to make certain pieces kind of "lego" in order to people create the furniture they need. Trend related: DIY

Personalized Welcome Pack: The customer will receive a pack of furniture predetermined by their choices on the website, also with some tools to make them more personal. Trend: DIY

Furniture Rent Community: This allows people who leave Barcelona the possibility to rent to new students or even sell their furniture, where they can just talk between them and make a deal. Trend: Peer to Peer.

This is just a small resume of the week, we enjoyed working with the other master because of their experience on trends we got a lot of insights we might not noticed or think about them.

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