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Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Coming back to Barcelona we had our first contest pitch in which we presented our pitch idea, followed by the business model including the financial aspects we developed in Rotterdam.

Sit and enjoy our pitch, remember to put the audio on :)

password: furnit

Now our presentation, click HERE.

As you can see in the slides of the PDF attached, our service is offered to people relocating to the city of Barcelona, but as mentioned on the last entry, our packages are not only going to be second hand, but new furniture as well, this is possible thanks to our new partner called "Top for Hotels" which is the one in charge of importing the furniture from us, all the way from China to Barcelona.

And the way we're getting our customers is through the “CityLife Barcelona, Erasmus in Barcelona” and of course the Alumni Sections of the Universities such as ESADE, we’re now talking to the project manager in charge of taking to the future students and sending their welcome kit pack months before the students arrive to the city, so if they agree to work with us this would be an easier way of getting new clients, having in mind that 200 students come per year with this school only in the MBA section, but we’re not only talking directly to the MBA we are looking forward to the Grad sections of the school, also we talked to the MBA students association, in which they mentioned us that they’re willing to work with us through social media (every year senior students create facebook, WhatsApp and meet up groups for the new students, so they helped them with tips and meetings to ease their arrival.)

This is only for the acquirement of customers and furniture, in the other hand we have the financial area where we noticed at least every year we have a minimum of lease contracts to achieve in order to became profitable also a way of keep investing is through the previous contracts we want to have (as previous we refer to the contracts and payments people will make before arriving to the city) so this way we’re able to have money previously and manage our costs. It is not until the second year when we start having profits.

Followed by these slides comes the identity of FURNIT, we want to seep our brand young, casual and trustful so our customers feel related to us.


During the week of March 12th – 16th, students from ELISAVA's MIDI and MADE programmes together with external professionals participate in this intensive workshop where we, as part of the MADE Entrepreneurs, had a challenge where people interested in our project could join and help us with their experience and impartial point of view.

FURNIT's challenge was "How can we find a way to fulfil our customers need in a new and more service-oriented way and create a strategy to develop customer retention and client's satisfaction in order to maximise our revenues."

After this week FURNIT believes that our amazing team helped our business idea in several ways, from the part of opening more our services to another segment of customers, to how we can establish a relationship with them and offer more in terms of products to accomplish our main value proposition. The insights given by MIDI and having them with new and fresh ideas made us realise how immerse and probably blocked we were in our project, so now after knowing how to use the proper tools this week taught us, it will help us solving some other problems we’re having developing the business idea.

Testimonials of the team:

“It was a fun experience to immerse in Design Thinking and a starting point to understand all the applicable forms, from baby ideas and life to big corporate companies. It was the beginning to see it as a mindset.”

- Constanza, MIDI.

"The DTW in comparison with the TrendsLab felwith more complete, besides that the project where I decided to work with, the team members had a clear and structured information about the business idea, that made easier for the rest of us to understand easily in order to collaborate and aport some ideas. A key part of it was the openness the entrepreneurs had when receiving any idea or comment, as well as the support of investigation they already had so we can canalise the project into feasible solutions. We apply methodologies and during this path we discovered factors, users and ideas that weren't taken into consideration before. To sum up, we made a detailed x-ray of FURNIT."

- Venezia, MIDI.

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