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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

1st Pop Up Biz PDF

In the attached PDF you can read our presentation for the pop-up biz.

To get prepared for this presentation we researched about the leasing market and we found out that the practice of renting furniture instead of purchasing has proven to be beneficial for consumers. Leasing furniture is about providing access and comfort to consumers who feel that these services are about both saving money and convenience. North America and Asia-Pacific lead this market, however, Europe is anticipated to showcase robust growth in the next few years, which is beneficial to our business.

After having this information we made a poll to know what people thinks about this kind of services and of course if they would use them.

Interviewed people from this countries:

Colombia, Spain, Ecuador, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Italy, United States, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia.

After receiving the answers of the people it was when we realized probably our project it's not between companies and us, but between this group of people due to the testimonials we where given, expats and master students.

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