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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Check out the presentation HERE

A week later from our experience in Rotterdam we delivered some of our results from the business idea after going to possible partners, talk to them and of course getting to an arrangement in order to reduce our costs.

After being in all the meetings, it came to our minds that it's probably going to be a big initial investment, so we thought about another possible solution to this problem and we came up to "peer to peer" so we provide the platform for the users so they can make the exchange of products, but this only as a possible solution, we still need to keep searching for partners that are more suitable for our budget.

The next thing you will see on out presentation is the wireframe of how we visualize and how our platform will work, as you can see on the images, we want to build trust so for us it's important they can verify the account and let people leave some references, in order for the rest of users see how the service was for them and what where the results of leasing with us, so we can have a real feedback from them.

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