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Marketing is a key part of business success. Price, product, place and promotion, the four P's of marketing, are fundamental for successful marketing communication. One of its goals is building and reinforcing relationships with clients, retailers and other people who the company markets their products to. But the main objective is to reach a target market and affect their behaviour through informing, convincing and reminding. They must reach out to new consumers and persuade them to purchase their product, while at the same time they must preserve their current customers. This is what our last trip to Rotterdam consisted of, Learning about Contemporary Commerce and how to apply e-commerce marketing strategies to our project, Furnit.

Furnit is an online platform that offers students/expats living in Barcelona for a temporal period of time, an alternative to purchase and sale second-hand furniture. It's a company that experiences both consumer buying and business buying.

During this week, specifically we noticed our business idea needed to change due to the investment needed in order to start operating, so instead of leasing furniture as you saw in the last entries, the idea transformed into a marketplace and the way we are managing the logistics.

Look at our presentation HERE

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